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What Are You Doing With My Name

I heard a talk at church this week about “What we are doing with the Lord’s name?” In other words, when we claim to be Christians and disciples of the Lord, what do we do in our private lives that contradict our claims to be Christians.

As Christians, we are supposed to be committed to following the Ten Commandments; yet we break them time again, every day, without much thought about it.

  • In our everyday conversations, we frequently use the Lord’s name in vain and think nothing of it.
  • With the amount of promosquiety we see today, obviously we don’t follow the commandment that says “Thou shalt not commit adultery or fornicate”.
  • We may go to church every Sunday and believe we follow the commandments, but then we  participate in gossip in most of our private conversations.
  • Our children are not being taught the true values of Christ and His teachings when we hypocritically live an unrepentant and irresponsible life. For example,
    • we steal supplies at work
    • we cheat on our time cards and claim we worked hours when we didn’t;
    • we take too much time on our breaks or abuse how we use our time when we don’t give an honest day’s worth of work;
    • we tell little “white lies” and think nothing of it;
    • we abuse our bodies with drugs and alcohol, tattooing, and piercing, and submit it to harmful diseases, without realizing that the body is a sacred temple where the Lord can reside within us;
    • we spend money on things we can’t afford in order to have things we want without realizing that we do it because of greed and envy;
    • as many teens do today, we disrespect our parents in our speech and interactions with them, just as we disrespect the creator and the world He has provided for our joy;

We show our Creator that we love Him and appreciate what we have when we respect what we have been given. Too often we whine and complain about the blessings we have without giving a second thought of others who don’t have even a portion of our lifestyle.

How much do we see our challenges as a blessing and an opportunity to change our perspectives? Do we see the Lord’s hand when we suffer or do we think He has left us alone in our suffering?

  • For example, I was very upset when I had to spend my-first-time-ever big income tax return check (that was big enough to actually do something with) on home repair. It took me about two days before I realized that thank God, I had the money then to do the repairs. What would I have done if the problem happened a month earlier or a month later?
  • Another example is when our car broke down on the way to the airport. My husband was going out of town for two weeks and so he had to take a cab to get there on time. I was left to resolve the car problem by myself, which I was perfectly capable of doing. The blessing was that we stopped at a mini-mart when we discovered our serpentine belt was broken, which was only a few miles from the Sears Car Repair place I saw as we passed by just before we broke down. The clerk helped me get a tow truck and provided a comfortable place for me to sit and wait.
  • One last example is when my husband moved to a new state for a job ahead of me and had come home for a weekend visit. We drove to a church conference on the other side of Indianapolis and on the way home, the car broke down just five miles from home. Our son came to pick us up and take us home. The next day we learned the engine was shot. That was the vehicle my husband was planning on driving back to Texas from Indiana so he would have something to drive instead of renting. We did not have $2500 to repair the vehicle so we had to get the other vehicle prepared to travel. My husband kept saying over and over “If we had not gone to church, I would have broken down in the middle of the night in some isolated place in the boonies.” He saw the blessing instead of focusing on the problem.

With the challenges we have overcome the past several years. we now know that we need to look for the blessings and try to do the things that allow God to bless us. The more we appreciated the blessings the more we became aware of how well we were living the commandments. Once we committed to living the commandments, the more we realized what we were doing with the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and God, our Father in Heaven’s name.

We don’t have to suffer the misfortunes in life without the presence of our Lord’s comfort. He is with us when he is provided a warm place inside us to reside. But if our soul is calloused and cold to the promptings of our Lord, then how will we be able to find peace in these difficult times? We can’t, and that’s what I had to learn.

It isn’t easy to be accepting of our trials and see the blessings when it is natural for us to complain and whine about our problems. It is easy to have a slip of the tongue and use inappropriate words, including God and Jesus’ name, when we are upset and frustrated. When we learn to see every situation as a blessing that will benefit us in some way, when we learn to look for the blessing, we will find life so much easier on us. The Lord will be more pleased with how we use His name, and we will be in alignment to receive all that He has to give us. What more can we ask for than this?

Remember Who You Are


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