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I like this picture because Christ is always at the door but sometimes we don’t hear Him knocking.

One time I had gone to the bank to get money for lunch. We had been really tight on money for a month and now was payday and I wanted to go to Marie Calendar for lunch. I was really hungry and ready for the great sandwich I planned to eat.

Coming out of the parking lot, I saw an old woman with her hand out and asking for money but I drove right by her. I usually don’t stop for beggers because Salt Lake City takes care of them and they warm people not to give to beggers bec it is a scam to get money for drugs.

When I got on the main road and drove about 1/2 mile, the thought kept coming to mind that the Lord has asked us to feed the hungry. I was hungry and I know I wasn’t near as hungry as she was. I kept hearing the scripture “when you feed the poor and hungry you feed me”. I know that’s not a perfect quote but you get the point I’m sure.

I turned around and went back to the old woman. I pulled up on the right side of my window and handed her money. I said, “I was going to take this money and go to lunch but you look hungrier than me.” When I put the money in her hand, she was frail and shaky. I knew she was really needing the money. She just kept saying, thank you and God bless me. I know I had listened to the spirit when I gave her my lunch money. I know what I did was pleasing to Him and I am glad that I gave the money to her.

I did go ahead and get more money and go to lunch anyway but I thought of her the whole time. I thanked the Lord for my blessings and for my ability to eat when I was hungry. I thanked Him for being able to help the woman as well.

Someone said this story reminded them of this video.


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