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Remember Who Watches Over Us

LDS Messages

“Jesus Christ lives, knows us, watches over us, and cares for us.”

LDS Messages ‏@LDSMessages

“Jesus Christ lives, knows us, watches over us, and cares for us.”

I just started following this site on twitter and this was the first message.  It’s a great message for us in these times of great turmoil and disappointments in the elections.  I am so thankful for this thoughtful message, please pass it along to others.


Living Life To The Fullest

We are all able to lend a helping hand to people who are suffering or in need of something that we can give.  We can give of our time, our talents, and we can give service to those who are ravaged by natural disasters.  Below is a video showing what people can do when they put a mind to it.  It isn’t about a religion or anything but about humanity and doing the right thing.   I hope this video shows you how you can do the same for people in your community.

One thing that touched me most was when tornadoes were destroyed towns  and people within the community, as well as outsiders, showed up to help people cleanup and to offer a shoulder to cry or to give a hug.  This is what life is about, and what it means to live life to the fullest.  There is no greater feeling than to see the look on people’s faces and feel the warmth of hugs  they share with you because you serviced them.

About Mormons and Courage

I just read a wonderful comment from a person who had the courage to stand up for a belief system that many in America are willing to express. The basis of the comment was to have tolerance for other’s beliefs. The best way to tolerate beliefs expressed by others is to understand their belief and why they believe it. It is for this reason that I want to share this video with you, to help you have a better understanding of Mormonism (the true name is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”).

Because the church and Mormons are in the news so much lately, along with a lot of misunderstanding of Mormon’s beliefs, I thought it would be good for people to have a close up look at the church, its leadership, its works, and it’s work around the world. If you want to comment or ask questions, please do. I hope the mean-spirited people will keep their comments to themselves.

People Come Into Your Life For a Reason

Thought you might be interested


Abraham asked the Lord to spare 50 righteous people. God responded to Abraham’s plea “If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all ….Genesis 18:16-33

The movie ” Corpus Christi ” is due to be released this June to August. A disgusting film set to appear in America later this year depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this has already been in theaters for a while. It’s called ” Corpus Christi ” which means “The Body of Christ”. It’s revolting mockery of our Lord. But we can make a difference.

That’s why I am sending this e-mail to you. If you do send this around, we just might be able to prevent this film from showing in America . Let’s stand for what we believe in and stop the mockery of Jesus Christ our Savior. Where do we stand as Christians? At the risk of a bit of inconvenience, I’m forwarding this to all I think would appreciate it, too. Please help us prevent such offenses against our Lord. There is no petition to sign, no time limit, or minimum number of people to send this to.. It will take you less than 2 minutes!

If you are not interested and do not have the 2 minutes it will take to do this, please don’t complain when God does not have time for you because He is far busier than we are. Hey it’s worth a shot!

Apparently, some regions in Europe have already banned the film. All we need is a lot of prayer and a lot of e-mails.


….Will God be able to find at least 50 righteous people who are willing to express their concern and voice their opinion against this act of blasphemy

The Whole Armor of God

This message is important for us today. Unfortunately, we are enticed to remove the armor that protects us from the web of deceit. Escaping that web is difficult because it means changing our friends and our lifestyle. We believe putting on our amour is silly and that we don’t need to worry about being enticed to do anything wrong.

The web of deceit is lined with the carnage of millions who think they can resist the demands of this world or that they can skirt along the edge and not fall into the web. Thinking like these will surely trap you unless you put on the full armor of God for protection.

Top Comments From YouTube
My wife left me 2 months ago. Since then I have gone back to church and focused on doing what the Lord wants me to be. Through him I am finding strength, comfort and love. I have finally found a love for myself thanks to him and I know I am worth it. I used to murmur and mock the Lord and his church. The gospel brings me happiness and strength. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I will never mock it again. How can a man mock something that is good and true?

dannyjbrigs 4 days ago
I love this video so much! Especially the part when the young man is praying and the soldier’s face appears. Love the music!

es358 1 week ago
Not Only Our Troop Fight A War That They All Can See. But Those Who Know God And Serve Jesus Fight The Invisible War Daily. If You Don’t Put On The Armour Of God Which Is Putting On Jesus. Then When Evil Comes You Will Lose The Battle. Never Leave Home Without It. Like Your Credit Card. This Is the Most Serious Thing You Can Do For Yourself As A Christian. No Laughing Matter When the DEVIL Has Your Back. I Rather Be Armed And Know That GOD Has My Back. WORD.

Brandon Flowers


I’m a Father, a Husband, and a Rock Star. And I’m a Mormon.

Today in SlateChristopher Hitchens writes about the “weird and sinister belief system” of Mormonism; among the religion’s troubling attributes, Hitchens claims, is that its followers “can be ordered to turn upon and shun any members who show any signs of backsliding.” William Saletan, meanwhile, argues that the church’s adherents are a more diverse bunch than Hitchens gives them credit for, citing the differences between Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, and Harry Reid—as well as New York Times story from yesterday about Romney’s past as a church leader. Not “all Mormons are alike,” Saletan writes.

Depending on where you live, you may have immediately thought of an ad campaign the Mormon church rolled out in nine cities in 2010—and in 12 more this year. In each spot, an ordinary American tells you about his or her life—her family, job, quirky habits and so on—and then, as a kind of kicker, says, “And I’m a Mormon.”

This video highlights Mormons who don’t fit the usual stereotype: a “black musician in an interracial marriage,” for instance, and “a mother and artist who says she doesn’t believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen,” to quote an ABC News story from last year.

Last week the church released a video from someone a little better known: Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers, a Las Vegas-based rock band that has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide.

Flowers talks about himself, then about his values, and then he connects those values to his Mormon faith. Near the end, Flowers talks a bit about his public persona: “A lot of people love to come up to me and tell me they were raised in the church,” Flowers says, “and they expect there to be this camaraderie of, oh, we’ve outgrown it now, we’re smart enough now to not be in it.” One can understand why this would happen: In 2004, Spin identified Flowers as an ex-Mormon, and he has been candid in the past about his drinking and smoking, activities forbidden for devout members of the Mormon church.

But as the existence of this video suggests, Flowers doesn’t see himself as an ex-Mormon, at least not anymore. (If he did, he could have participated in a different video campaign.) What’s interesting about this is the way Flowers frames his re-affirmed faith: “I was raised in it,” he says, “and I still… it’s…” He chuckles. “There’s still a fire burning in there.” That’s the last thing he says before the more standard send-off: “I’m a father, and I’m a husband, and I’m a Mormon.”

Coverage of the “I’m a Mormon” ad campaign has generally focused on the new way the Mormon church was presenting itself to the outside world. But as someone who grew up Mormon and left the church in college, I am more intrigued by how the campaign presents Mormons to themselves. John Dehlin, a progressive Mormon who runs a podcast called Mormon Stories, suggested to ABC News that the videos in many ways present a more tolerant and inclusive picture of the church than many Mormons experience; that seems right to me. And some may see that as duplicitous—perhaps fairly so. But by allowing individuals to claim the identity of Mormons for themselves, and tell their own stories, the campaign could, one imagines, actually begin to alter ideas within the church about what it means to be Mormon. Among the hundreds of personal narratives that have been uploaded to are several written by gay Mormons, and at least one by someone who is black, bisexual, and Mormon.

Now, given the church’s history on the subject of race and its policies regarding gay marriage, why would anyone who is both black and bisexual choose to be Mormon? I have no idea. But you can on a website  owned and operated by the Mormon church, read someone else’s explanation.

What Lost Purse Said About a Young Woman

The Lost Purse


This message applies to all of us, whether young or old, and to anyone who wants to live a better life than they live now. This young woman is an example of living a wholesome life and helps us appreciate the value of being a light that shows others who she is and how she lives her life.

Music For The Soul

Spiritual Favorites

Go Tell It On The Mountain – Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson – Down By The Riverside

BEST American Idol Performance ever!

Clay Aiken – Don’t let the sun go down on me (Finale)

Spiritual Music From Jim Neighbors

Spiritual Music From Elvis Presley:

How Great Thou Art

Elvis sings How Great Thou Art from the April 9th,1972 show in Hampton Roads,Virginia.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

This song has always been special to me, ever since I heard it in the movie “Carousel”.

Bridge Over Troubled Water (NEW mix! Great sound!)

This song is special to me. It reminds me of the soldiers in WWII who died for us.

Take my hand precious lord

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