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The Whole Armor of God

This message is important for us today. Unfortunately, we are enticed to remove the armor that protects us from the web of deceit. Escaping that web is difficult because it means changing our friends and our lifestyle. We believe putting on our amour is silly and that we don’t need to worry about being enticed to do anything wrong.

The web of deceit is lined with the carnage of millions who think they can resist the demands of this world or that they can skirt along the edge and not fall into the web. Thinking like these will surely trap you unless you put on the full armor of God for protection.

Top Comments From YouTube
My wife left me 2 months ago. Since then I have gone back to church and focused on doing what the Lord wants me to be. Through him I am finding strength, comfort and love. I have finally found a love for myself thanks to him and I know I am worth it. I used to murmur and mock the Lord and his church. The gospel brings me happiness and strength. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I will never mock it again. How can a man mock something that is good and true?

dannyjbrigs 4 days ago
I love this video so much! Especially the part when the young man is praying and the soldier’s face appears. Love the music!

es358 1 week ago
Not Only Our Troop Fight A War That They All Can See. But Those Who Know God And Serve Jesus Fight The Invisible War Daily. If You Don’t Put On The Armour Of God Which Is Putting On Jesus. Then When Evil Comes You Will Lose The Battle. Never Leave Home Without It. Like Your Credit Card. This Is the Most Serious Thing You Can Do For Yourself As A Christian. No Laughing Matter When the DEVIL Has Your Back. I Rather Be Armed And Know That GOD Has My Back. WORD.


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